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Pier 17 Has Unique Chance to Lease Near Exploratorium

Posted by Priya on June 21, 2019
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The leasing opportunity at Pier 17 has up to 18,000 square feet along the Embarcadero where it is adjacent to the Exploratorium Science Museum at Pier 15.

By Lisa Brown

June 19, 2019 at 04:04 AM


Pier 17 has some 18,000 square feet on the Embarcadero and is adjacent to the Exploratorium.

SAN FRANCISCO—Pier 17 is part of the Exploratorium Science Museum’s 9-acre campus at Pier 15 along the Embarcadero, a 10-minute walk from the Ferry Building. It was built in 1911 and expanded in 1956.

In coordination with the Exploratorium, Polatnick Properties is leasing Pier 17, with up to 18,000 square feet. The space allows for a variety of uses including industrial, robotics, storage, artists’ studios, a small amount of retail and ancillary office. The uses are subject to the approval of the authorized agencies.

The space has natural light with column-free space, 44 feet clear to the center of the roof and 18 feet of ceiling clearance to the trusses. The northern wall has large original roller doors that open to expose the waterfront. The entire building area is 110,000 square feet.

Pier 17’s next door neighbors include the Swiss Consulate and its incubator, Swissnex. Switzerland at Pier 17 connects Switzerland and the West Coast with a curated space testing a new form of international collaboration by inspiring interaction among academics, creatives, diplomats, entrepreneurs and innovators. Switzerland at Pier 17 hopes to accelerate ideas to promote global progress.

“This is an exciting opportunity to lease a historic space, to experience a piece of old San Francisco and to become a part of a community of visionaries with the Exploratorium and the Swiss as neighbors,” David Polatnick tells

The Exploratorium is a public learning laboratory that explores the world through science, art and human perception, and inquiry-based experiences. The museum creates tools so visitors become active explorers with hundreds of exhibits, a website with more than 35,000 pages of content, film screenings, and evening art and science events for adults. The Exploratorium also offers professional development programs for educators and is at the forefront of changing the way science is taught. The learning center shares its exhibits and expertise with museums worldwide.

In 2013, the Exploratorium moved from the Palace of Fine Arts to Pier 15.

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