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At Polatnick Properties, we manage properties as if we owned them ourselves. We partner with individuals, public companies and everyone in between. Routine inspections of every property are conducted to keep them in optimum shape and correct issues before they become problems. Everything happening at a location is observed, logged and shared with ownership. Tenants can reach us 24/7 we stay in close touch and quickly respond to their needs or inquiries. We have long-established relationships with a network of service providers, including the city’s best roofers, engineers, architects and contractors. When work is called for, we’ll obtain a multiple bids for you before assigning any job, and will provide detailed reports of activities and expenses related to your property.

We keep property owners informed and prepared with up-to-date operating budgets, year-to-date actuals and customized monthly and quarterly financial reports.

Polatnick Properties also offers construction and project management services, lease renewals, preventative maintenance programs and quarterly inspections, along with capital improvement evaluation and implementation programs. You need it done? We can do it.

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